Participants in this race do so at their own risk.

The regulations of the FCOC will apply, as well as the following indications, which must be complied with:

- Car traffic: Traffic will not be cut off. Although traffic in these areas is scarce, it is very important to be vigilant every time you cross the streets.  Runners must at all times respect the rules of the road and cross the streets at zebra crossings and any mandatory crossings marked on the map.

- Attention to pedestrians: Go carefully and respect pedestrians. It is August and Puigcerdà will be full of visitors. Pedestrians have preference over runners. And pedestrians have every right to be absent-minded.

Caution: some streets may have been cleaned by the cleaning services and the ground may be wet and slippery (be careful when turning corners!).

- Construction work: You are running on urban terrain, and it is possible that construction work that did not exist at the time of printing the map may appear at the time of the race. In the same way, the Parks and Gardens Service may change the greens of the race area if they are working in an unforeseen area.

- Footwear: Shoes with spikes are not advisable. It is recommended to use multi-purpose footwear.


Given the type of race, it is established that no circuit will be cancelled due to the disappearance of a marker.

In the event of a complaint for this reason, the technical jury may decide to cancel the sections defined by the contested marker. Therefore, all runners must consider the opportunity to finish the race even if they may encounter problems due to public accessibility to the markers or organisational error.

Claims, if any, must be presented in writing before the prize-giving ceremony.

Rules  F.C.O.C







































Urban race
02/08/2023 08:00 Participant reception and bib distribution
02/08/2023 08:30 Same day registrations (“Open” courses)
02/08/2023 08:30 Introduction course
02/08/2023 09:00 Urban race
02/08/2023 13:00 Races Closes
02/08/2023 13:00 Prize Giving


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